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с 16.04.10 по 16.05.10, Манеж, Санкт-Петербург

Project Providers

The Saint-Petersburg Committee for Culture

The Committee for Culture is a structural subdivision of the St. Petersburg City Government.It was established for the purpose of carrying out state policy and implementing state governance in the sphere of culture and arts.

The main goals of the Committee are:

  • Preserve and rationally use city’s cultural and historical heritage; revive and develop cultural traditions;
  • Support cultural and arts organizations in order to guarantee equal access to cultural wealth for all social groups; create favorable conditions for the development of cultural and artistic organizations;
  • Assist in the development of the system of musical and artistic educational institutions; provide support for talented children and youth;
  • Support folk art and national cultures; develop the recreational and leisure sphere as well as cultural and educational activities; strengthen interaction between professional and amateur artistic organizations;
  • Strengthen international cultural cooperation; ensure participation of the city’s cultural and artistic organizations in international projects; promote St. Petersburg as a cultural and artistic center of international significance;
  • Organize the city’s cultural events: festivals, competitions, holidays, exhibitions, conferences and congresses;
  • Create and implement projects and strategic programs in the sphere of culture; share expertise of international and regional projects in the field..

Web site: http://www.spbculture.ru

The State Hermitage Museum

  • The largest of art, history and culture in Russia and one of the largest in the world with a display area covering over 350 rooms. Of special significance are the palace interiors.
  • The museum houses the expositions of the Antiquities Department, the Department of Western European Fine Art, the Oriental Department, the Department of Primitive Art, the Department of Russian Culture, the Treasury Gallery, the Numismatics Department.
  • The Hermitage regularly hosts artistic collections from the world largest museums.

Web site: http://www.hermitagemuseum.org

Saint-Petersburg State Museum-Institute of the Roerich Family

  • Saint-Petersburg State Museum-Institute of the Roerich Family is housed in the ancient Michail Botkin Mansion on the Vasilyevsky Island that was repeatedly visited by Nicholas Roerich. The basis of the Museum-Institute`s memorial exposition is formed by the heritage, preserved by Helena Roeroch`s Niece Liudmila Mitusova and her family. During several years of its existence, the owners of private collections have donated a number of artistic and other items to the museum. Today its funds account to about 15 thousand items, including the personal belongings, manuscripts, archeological findings, photos and other cultural treasures, reflecting the diverse background of the Roerichs` life and work.

Web site: http://www.roerich.spb.ru

The Manege Central Exhibition Hall

  • Since its opening Manege has been the largest exhibition hall in Saint-Petersburg with the overall display area about 4.5 square meters.
  • Every month Manege offers new artistic projects, differing in their kind and subject matter, style and presentation. The range of exhibitions is quite large: retrospective exhibitions, exhibitions of contemporary art, exhibitions embracing Saint-Petersburg`s cultural and spiritual heritage, inter-museum exhibitions, exhibitions of Saint-Petersburg private collections, international exhibitions.
  • The exhibitions are often accompanied by meetings with artists, seminars on the issues of art and culture, the concerts of classical and modern music, workshops. The experts and art connoisseurs are invited to participate.
  • Manege also hosts major specialized Russian and international exhibitions.
  • The Manege Central Exhibition Hal has been preparing the collection of the would-be Saint-Petersburg contemporary arts museum. As of now the collection accounts for about 2.5 thousand items: paintings, graphic arts, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, objects and installations. The period covered: from the beginning of the Soviet art to the present day.

Web site: http://www.manege.spb.ru